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Share of Ciech SA in the company capital is 100.00%

The first plant to manufacture foam was launched at the Chemical Works Organika Zachem in 1971. This was the first plant in Poland to manufacture flexible polyurethane foam. The first major upgrade was carried out in 1991. The new master plant - Hennecke's frothing machine for the foam production - was put into use. In 1999 the plant was modernized by equipping it with accessories allowing production of highly- flexible foam. In November 2007 there was production assortment extension with lightweight foam based on the NovaFlex technology not produced formerly and CMHR and CME retardant foams with the addition of flame retardant - melamine.

Throughout its history the company has undergone several transformations in order to eventually branch out as a company under the name of Pianki Ciech in June 2011.

We produce and sell polyurethane foams, focusing operational activities primarily on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Foams produced by us can be divided into five basic groups: lightweight foams, standard foams, highly-flexible foams, standard slow-burning foam, high resilience slow-burning foam.
All types of foam are provided in the following forms: blocks, cut blocks, cut to measure plates, standard plates, knurled plates, shapes, baling/rolling foam.We also have the possibility of rolling plates in order to optimally adjust them to transport.



phone (+48) 669 697 182
fax (+48 52) 361 23 02 

65, Wojska Polskiego Street
PL-85-825 Bydgoszcz